My stop motion is visiting the cinema!



*PLEASE NOTE* if you can’t see the video it’s probably because you are using Google Chrome. Try another browser or check out the link here.

At the end of 2012 Gudrun, from Tarra Motors, contracted me to create a 30 second stop motion ad which will be shown (for a year) at Merimbula Cinema, The Picture Show Man. Gudrun explained her priority was to illustrate that the dealership has a great variety of cars, they are professional and reliable, but most of all they are approachable and friendly. I researched other video ads, drew up some ideas and discussed with Gudrun and her husband about possible scenarios. I didn’t want to produce a boring ad but something cute and fun and we agreed that expressing Tarra Motor’s message through image rather than vocally would be the most effective way to get their message across.

It took three days of shooting to acquire what I needed (plus more, which sadly didn’t make it into the ad). I felt challenged throughout the shooting process, mostly when I was making big decisions and directing – such as overseeing the perfect placement of each car at the beginning of the ad – but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would do it again! Being my first stop motion job (and a cinema ad of all things!) I’m extremely happy with the results!


Aki and Jon


It was a cold and drizzly morning when I pulled up beside the curb. I stepped out of my car and looked around and saw not one soul on the street or in the park nearby. I walked a path to the entrance and noted a somewhat misplaced small flock of birds flittering around on the grass to my left and felt a sense of loneliness about the area.

Inside the apartment there was, to my relief, a strong contrast in atmosphere. Music and girls’ giggles filled the warm room, along with makeup, hairspray, flowers and dresses. Aki’s mother (adorned in a traditional Japanese kimono), father and brother stayed out of the way, going over the father’s written speech or quietly appreciating the bridal dresses.

By the time I had arrived at Jon’s parents’ house the the sun was trying to peek through the clouds. Inside Jon and his groomsmen were pretty much dressed and waiting around – the curse of being a man and needing no makeup or hairstyling means lots of time wasted on not doing either of these things. This meant I had time to photograph them with Jon’s mother and father, as well as capturing some nice casual shots with their beers and the family pets.

Aki and Jon married inside Springfield House (in Dural) with spectacular views of the garden behind, a bright sun and a blue sky! Vows were read in both English and Japanese and as Jon spoke his vows in the latter language Aki burst into tears. A mixture of laughter, awwwws and camera clicks went off as she received a handkerchief, wiped away her tears and turned with a gorgeously embarrassed grin towards her guests. The couple said “I do”, kissed and were married.

After half an hour of photos by the car and with family and guests the couple headed to the bridal room to freshen up and enjoy some nibbles. At the reception bountiful amounts of food and drinks were served, speeches were read, single-stemmed flowers were handed out to the female guests, the cake was cut, the wedding waltz performed and the bouquet tossed straight into the hands of a bridesmaid.

It was a stunning wedding with such love in the air. I wish Jon and Aki an amazing life together :)


There is a lot to Sea this weekend


Along the shoreline from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach (or the other way round if you wish) is a very popular exhibit of sculptures, submitted by artists from all over the world. Sculpture by the Sea started 15 years ago and is still holding strong. Admittedly I was not very impressed with the art last year and was a little dubious to go this time round, however yesterday was a gloriously warm day with the bluest of skies so strolling along the water’s edge made for a perfect day out. To top it off I found most of the sculptures really interesting or impressively made and thought those that were tactile really drew the kiddies in.

Sculpture by the Sea ends this Sunday so I recommend cancelling something less important to see it! It’s very packed with people even during the week so if you plan on going on the weekend, make it early morning… Or at sunrise – makes for amazing pictures!

A delicious Christmas


WARNING: this blog may make you drool a little!

Christmas is coming up, and although it is still a couple of months away, around the shops it’s certainly prominent. For most of us we do our Christmas shopping a few weeks or so before the big day (or a few days after if you’re a sucker for the sales!) but for retail stores and cafés ordering Christmas stock is handled months in advance.

When I’m not photographing or designing I’m a casual employee at a lovely family business, Jepska, in Hornsby. Here I help make, cook, decorate and pack Danish confectionery, the most popular being the honeybread. Every now and then Igor – our boss – experiments and develops new tasty products and we – the employees – are the guinea pigs. We certainly don’t mind! This year Igor asked me to photograph Jepska’s new Christmas products and design a brochure for 2012.

The images shown are only a few examples of what is offered in their Christmas range. Apart from tasting delicious, I love how they are all hand made and presented as a form of art in themselves. Ahem… Excuse me, I think I’ll have to end this post to have a little honeybread snack! Nomnom :)

When it’s cold and grey outside…


The weather has been so unpredictable in Sydney lately. Yesterday was cold and wet, today cold (18 degrees Celsius), windy, cloudy AND… sunny. However this Thursday will be 31 degrees. Every year we are all are surprised by the extreme temperatures, but that is the nature of Spring. It caters for all kinds of people – from my guy friends who can’t stand any heat over 20, to my parents and myself who would happily live in Darwin.

I’m a real summer girl (not the surfy kind). I LOVE the heat, wearing dresses without jumpers, summer breezes that don’t set my teeth a-chattering and getting out of bed in the morning without racing for a jumper and trackies. I really like spring too, although it can be cold. To me, it’s the prettiest season (just after Autumn), as the flowers come out to say a bright hello and the fresh lime-coloured leaves begin to sprout on the huge oak tree in our yard.

Spring also means summer is on it’s way! So on a day like yesterday… or today… I just remind myself that it will be warmer soon :)

Up Tights


I met Penny and her partner Dave at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) about a month ago. Having never really understood all the fuss about modern art, I rarely visit this museum, however on this one particular cold rainy day during The Biennale I found myself making an exception. As per usual I lost Miles (he has a knack for speeding through exhibits whereas I like to read everything) and it took me a while to discover him, not looking at art, but having a chin wag with the above mentioned and their friend, Ben.

30 minutes later we were all in the museum café with our cakes and refreshments talking about all kinds of lovely things. I discovered Penny studied graphic design and more recently fashion design. Both degrees resulted in her starting up her own successful small business – designing and sewing printed tights – called Up Tights.

Miles and I were invited to Dave and Penny’s house for Gumbo, a strongly flavoured stew, thought to have originated in Louisiana USA, with sausage, prawns, chicken, vegies and lots of herbs and which takes several hours to make. At their cute flat I discovered all the beautiful patterns Penny and Dave had put together. I wanted to buy so many varieties of tights, but restricted myself to three prints. As we ate (gumbo is very delicious by the way) Penny and I discussed the upcoming designs for Up Tights, which she was getting her friend to photograph the following weekend. During the course of the conversation I offered to be a second shooter, wanting experience in fashion photography with experienced models.

My photos below show a selection of the designs Penny released on her facebook page last week. More designs can be found on her etsy account.



Tonight is the last night of Vivid, an annual event in Sydney showcasing unique light displays and music.

It began on the 25th of May, and although I had seen it a few times during the last couple of weeks, I hadn’t brought my camera. A couple of times Miles and I attempted a trip there, but we had to cancel our plans due to heavy rain… However, the Saturday just past Miles and I had Sydney Festival tickets to see Moonrise Kingdom, so we decided to head in earlier with our cameras and tripods.

Cityrail had organised trackwork so we drove in. Unfortunately every man and his dog had the same idea so by the time we arrived at the quay we only had an hour to look around. I’m pretty sure this was the most popular night too – the pathway around the water was so congested with people we were all moving at a snail’s pace. Fortunately we were able to find small sections of the harbour unoccupied and we snapped a few images of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Perhaps the most popular display of this event was ‘lighting the sales’, where moving objects and people were projected onto the Opera House. Where I was positioned I could also see an illumination on the water of a moving green man, followed by shapes of all descriptions.